Promotional USB Flashdrives are being increasingly used as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and distribute important data relating to an organisations product or service. Some of the markets we operate within include...



Within a share usage IT environment, Promotional USB Flashdrives are the ideal personal data storage device for both students and academics alike. Campus Authorities are increasingly embracing the benefits of customised USB keys to serve a range of initiatives such as:

Student Admissions

Educational ApplicationsWhen there is a large intake of new students, there is a requirement at registration time to distribute information packs such as enrolment forms, college prospectus, policies and procedures. Colleges are increasingly turning to electronic format rather than print media and the USB Flashdrive offers an ideal solution as it reduces print costs and distributes information on a practical personal storage device which can be used by the student or staff member, on campus, throughout the academic year.

Student Recruitment

Promotional USB Memory Sticks customised with College Logos, Packaging and Branded Lanyards are used as give-aways to prospective students during college promotions and student recruitment initiatives.

Training Incentives

In an endeavor to reduce calls to the help desk, Campus IT departments encourage new student entrants, within their first few weeks on site, to attend training programs on the college IT systems within the first few weeks on site. The incentive is a gift of a Branded USB Memory Sticks, which can be used by the student as a practical, personal storage device throughout the academic year. There is a clear payback in the reduction of user support calls to IT in the peak periods during the first 1-2 months of a new semester.

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Information sharing and Knowledge transfer is a core objective for Corporations who embark on focused seminars and business conferences. Host organisations are putting their best foot forward in terms of brand building, presentation and developing business opportunities.

Conference ApplicationsInformation Sharing

Capturing the Presentation Collateral and Marketing messages in soft format on a Custom branded USB Memory Sticks is a perfect solution.Each attendee is presented with a practical take home gift which can be used in an everyday business and personal environment.

Co- Branding

Promotional USB Memory Sticks can be co-branded by the seminar host organisations with 2 logos on each flashdrive. Front and Back.


Promotional USB Memory Sticks can be preloaded with applications which run automatically once the drive is installed. For Example – A user could be pointed directly towards a vendor’s website or product presentation

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