General Support

  • Warranty
    Flashdrive will offer a 12 months warranty on all products against electronic defects. Physical wear and tear of the external shell and USB connectors are not covered. We do not accept responsibility for data stored on the flash memory device.
  • Product Returns

    An RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) procedure will apply where a hardware fault has been identified in the product which relates to a manufacturing defect. The following exceptions apply:

    • The products are not supplied by Flashdrive.
    • The defects are beyond the Warranty Period.
    • The defects are caused by the improper use or operation
  • RMA Procedure

    The following procedure applies when a product needs to be returned.

    • Ensure the goods are supplied by and that they are within warranty. Proof of Purchase may be required.
    • Contact the Technical Support Department of to report the problem. A representative will undertake a preliminary diagnosis of the problem by phone. If the issue cannot be resolved readily, an RMA form and Number will be issued to the customer.
    • Customer completes the RMA Form and returns it with the defective goods to NB: Goods must be returned within 1 week of the RMA number being issued.
    • will receipt the goods and return to manufacturing facility in China. Freight/Shipping charges will be at Customers expenses.
    • Repairs normally take about four weeks. In the event where a repair cannot be effective, a replacement will be issued.
    • retain the right to decide whether to repair or replace a defective product. We will replace products with same model and specification (or higher) as the defective unit
    • do not accept responsibility for the data stored on the flash memory. At all times, customers are responsible for maintaining backups of data on an alternative storage medium.


Download Support Files

Within this section you will locate downloadable files for to assist you in the configuration and set up of all Products on the Flashdrive website. The Products supported on this site are predominately FL Series. The exception to this are PeakIII and Prestigio Drives