Printing and Packaging

When it comes to customising the USB Flashdrive offering, our clients have the ability to ensure that their product solution will be unique in the marketplace. Following is a summary of the options available:


Logo Printing

There are three distinct processes being used to print logos and text. The decision on which process is most suitable will be determined initially by the product which is selected and the material used on its outer shell (aluminum, plastic, rubber or leather)

USB Flash Drive with Silk Screen Printed Logo

Silk Screen

The most widely used and most versatile solution for printing on Aluminum, Metal, Plastic or Wood. Full colour support.

USB Flash Drive with Laser Engraved Logo

Laser Engraving

Suitable for Aluminum or Metal shells. The logo and text are engraved in the surface. This process does not support colours

USB Flash Drive with Hot Stamped Logo

Hot Stamping

Used on leather coated drives. The logo and text are imprinted using a hot stamping process. This process does not support colours

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Data File Uploads

We can perform a range of data loading and drive pre-configuration options during the manufacturing process.

  • Standard Pre-loading of data files
  • Autorun Feature: Application or Program runs automatically when the drive is installed
  • Pre-configure multiple drive partitions
  • Hidden Files
  • Non-Erasable Files
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Branded Lanyards

We have a wide range of lanyards to choose from. Again, all products can be fully customised with our clients logo and corporate colour schemes. There are 4 different manufacturing processes to choose from in the lanyard production. Each has a unique texture and finish.

All are made using polyester material but each has a different weaving method. Ultra weave (for dye-sub), Micro weave (for screen and woven).

Screen printed lanyard

This is the most popular lanyard. Generally used where logos and text are simple and un-complicated. Pricing is most competitive and lead-times are shorter.

Dye-sub lanyard

It is possible to print a photo image onto the lanyard using a dye-sub printing method (heat transfer). Clients should note that it is not photo quality and can be somewhat shadowy.

Screen Printed Customised Lanyard    Dye-Sub Customised Lanyard

Woven-in lanyard

With this technology, a simple logo or text can be woven onto the lanyard without any additional printing.

Satin Ribbon lanyard

Contains 2 layers, upper is stain ribbon and bottom part is polyester flat lanyard. It looks and is more expensive. Lead-times are little longer with this process.

Woven-In Customised Lanyard    Satin Ribbon Customised Lanyard

To View the full Catalog of Designs, see below

Silk Screen Customised Lanyards
Silk Screen
Woven-In Customised Lanyards
Woven On
Satin Ribbon Customised Lanyards
Satin Ribbon
Dye-Sub Customised Lanyards
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Custom Plastics

Where clients have a desire not to use the standard black or white plastics, we can facilitate this using pantone references colour matching.

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Unique Packaging Options

The final consideration relates to the external packaging. This is key decision as it forms the initial impression. We have a range of standard solutions to choose from and these are outlined below. If our Clients have a specific requirement, we are pleased to create the artworks and offer guidance where necessary.

Packaging Options for USB Flash Drives

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