About Us

Totally Focused on the Promotional USB Flash Memory Market.

With the enormous growth of data, voice, music, and video files, there is a huge demand for high capacity, portable storage technology to facilitate people on the move.

The advances in flash memory technology have enabled manufacturers to bring small, discrete storage products to the market which can store massive amounts of business and personal data. As USB ports have become the standard interface on desktop PCs, the Promotional USB flashdrive has become the portable storage solution of choice.

With no drivers required, it enables users to have access to their data anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

As electronics manufacturing has developed in China, so too have Flashdrive. We have undertaken rigorous vendor selection programs to identify USB Flash Drive manufacturers who can demonstrate quality processes and retain the ability to meet current and emerging International standards such as: ISO9001:2000, CE, FCC, RoHS etc.

With an office based in Hong Kong, our local presence ensures regular onsite contact with suppliers on the Chinese Mainland. As each of our clients has a unique requirements in customisation, it is essential that a local account manager deals with all aspects of the order configuration.

Quality is not an expectation, it is an absolute necessity.